Jack Daniel's Perfect Gift
UX | UI | Illustration

Jack Daniel's Perfect Gift was a responsive landing page where users could participate to win a self portrait created by the Brazilian art collective Bicicleta Semfreio, created with the same charcoal used for the Jack Daniel's signature mellowing process.

The landing page consisted of three sections: a participation form, a photo gallery and a parallax story. With the form users could upload a picture of themselves and enter they're contact information in order to participate for the self portrait. As a thank you gift for they're participation they would receive an animated self portrait that blended the uploaded photo with elements of the Jack Daniel's brand. The animated portraits were then collected in the gallery section.

The parallax story illustrated the brands whisky mellowing process. The user could explore the story by simply scrolling down or using the controls on the right hand side of the screen. The UI for this section was a blend of photography and illustration set in black and white tones in order to convey a storytelling environment.

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