LiveCareer Redesign
UI | Art Direction

For 10 years, LiveCareer has been dedicated to helping job seekers advance in their careers as well as provide employers with a broad range of qualified candidates to choose from by giving them the tools they need to "stand out".

It was time to give the brand some fresh Art Direction and a new UI. The slanted square icon from brands logo was used as a graphic element placed behind the protaganists across the sites header and interior images with a faded out the background in order to make them "stand out" from the crowd. The iconography was also updated throughout the site to give the brand a modern feel.

Following a complete UX overhaul, the UI for the SEO heavy pages was simplified by creating templates with a 3 column layout that used an off white background, 3 CTA button color variations as well the google font Montserrat. Simple animations were also created here and there to make the site both livelier and friendlier to users.

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